Wednesday, May 18, 2011


LMAO, this is my 100th post and i am telling you all that i am going to be AWOL for a while!! I know i'm not a real frequent blogger, but this time i really do have a good excuse!! lol! Next week we will be moving! I am in the process of packing everything up, while at the same time, cleaning, painting and carpeting the house we are moving into! It has been a very busy past few weeks for me, and i can't wait til we are in there and don't HAVE to do anything, cos this pregnant mumma really does need to be able to relax and REST! Those two words have not been in my vocabulary for the past few months! :(  I'm 27 wks pregnant and still haven't found time to book myself into to hospital! Woops!! Better do that as high priority after we move!! lol! They like you to book in at 16wks here!! hehe!!  Anyway, my net will be disconnected next week and i'm not sure when i will be back online, but hopefully it won't be too long, and if it is, then hopefully i will get a chance to open the numerous boxes i have marked as 'SCRAPPING' and will be able to get some stuff done without the distraction of the net!! lol!!  So until i get back here again, happy scrapping and i hope it won't be too long before i can update my blog again with the many pictures i have been taking lately!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

CC Time again!!

Will you be joining us for the May Cyber Crop starting tonight??

You will find all the fun here!!