Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handmade Halo Mojo-vator!

I know my blogging has been lacking lately due to being so busy, but i did want to blog about this layout i did for the Handmade Halo Sketch Mojo-vator! The sketch was so cool that i couldn’t wait to get it done, and the layout came together so easily! I have wanted to scrap this pic and the story that goes with it for some time, but couldn’t work out what i wanted to do with it, so i am thrilled i was able to use it for this ‘mojo-vator’!!


(This isn’t the best photo, but i wanted to get it up! Smile )

Thanks Handmade Halo for this mojo-vator!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My photos??

It seems blogger has stolen a lot of my photos! Sad smile  When i get a chance, i will go thru and try reload them all.  Just thought i would let you know it wasn’t my doing! Sad smile

An update…

Things have been totally crazy crazy busy here lately as you would imagine with a new bub and the oldest starting school!! I can't believe Emma is almost 7wks already!! She really isn't a baby anymore! Sad She is super cute tho, and although she is more of a night owl than me, and now keeps me up til 2 or 3 in the morning, i still love her to bits and couldn't imagine our family without her!! She has started smiling at everybody as soon as you talk to her, and she even giggled at me last night. She is also cooing and trying to talk back!! Soooo cute!! Smile Here is a picture i managed to snap the other day of her....

Brodie will be 3 next month!! I can't believe it!! He is soo grown up, and has the best manners i have ever heard on a little boy! He gets complimented on them all the time from strangers! He is also coming out with some really funny phrases that i want to scrap so we don't forget them!! He is also doing really well with toilet training! We have been a bit lax with it while i was preggas but now we are into some type of routine, i have had him in jocks every day with no accidents!! I still do nappies at night tho, cos he still wakes up wet. I had to shave Brodie's head last week, as Pa has lost all his hair due to chemo and Bj wanted his cut like Pa's!! I couldn't believe i was doing it, and didn't want to, but he wanted it for the right reasons, so i went along with it, and i think he looks good....

Jorja has spent her first term at school. She is doing really well and has heaps of friends - well you would when the school only has 44 kids!! lol!! Even the upper primary kids play with her!! lol!! She is learning heaps at school and i can't believe how well she is reading already! I don't know much about the reading program, but she has gone up a level already! Smile She also lost her first tooth yesterday!! It has been loose for weeks, with another pushing up from underneath, and yesty it finally fell out, so the tooth fairy had to find her at Nanny's house last night!! lol!! Jorja is a very helpful little mummy too!! lol!!

On a crafty note, i have been making some new goodies for the next CM, as i am able to sit and do them while feeding and cuddling Emma, but haven't done much scrapping at all! Sad I have only scrapped my example layouts, and although i have started a few other layouts, i really haven't finished many!! I have had no mojo to scrap, but my mojo has been creeping back in this week, so hopefully i get some time to use it! My mojo returned when Bj was 6wks old too, so hopefully it will stay now. I have been dreaming about layouts, and am itching to get back into it, but i have something stopping me..... yep, a shame pic!! I have started cleaning this up, and i can actually get into all the shelves now, but hopefully i will get it finished this week and can get stuck into the cc challenges properly!! I have been scrapping on the lounge room floor cos i couldn't get to the desk!! lol!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Its cyber crop time!!

That's right, its cyber crop time at Top 50 tonight!!  The details are a little sketchy, if you get my drift, lol!! I hope we will see you there!! Smile


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cyber crop time again!!

Yep, its cyber crop time at Top 50 again!  This month is all about Spring!  You can see all the details here!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A new baby, school and a facelift!

I know i am a super bad blogger, but that has been due to my total lack of mojo for the last few months. 

Mojo that was stolen by this little cutie...

Emma Annie arrived 10 days late, on Thursday 25/8/11 at 4.14pm, 
weighing 8lb 11oz (3950g) and measuring 51cm!
She made us wait a long time, but it was totally worth it! 
Emma is the fifth and final member of our family! 

Here is Emma's very proud big sister Jorja and brother Brodie only an hour after she was born!  
They had to wait ALL day for this moment, which for a 5 and 2.5yr old is like waiting a life time! lol!

We spent a few days in hospital until all the screaming baby's drove me crazy, lol, then it was home to settle into the craziness of a 3 child household, with the eldest in her first few weeks of school!  The school part has been the hardest so far, doing the late night feeds, then having to be up in the morning to make sure Jorja is ready for school, then making the 10km trek to get her there on time!  We have raced the bell many mornings, but the last few days when Matt has been back at work, i have actually managed to get her to school early, so whats that tell you!!?? lol!!

Here she is, already for her first day of school - 25/07/11

You have probably also noticed that i have given my blog a facelift!  I had to change my header to included our newest addition, so decided to make some changes while i was here!  I have been very poorly trying to manage two blogs, the other being for my handmade embellishments that i sell as Burdy's Handmade Embellishments, so have decided to combine the two to try make it easier.  I have added a new page tab at the top of this page and will be loading all my embellies there over the next week or so, then deleting the other blog.  As my mojo returns i will hopefully get better at updating this blog too!! lol!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Baby Girl is 5!!! OMG!!

Yep, that's right, our baby girl turned 5 today!!  How old…
She was up nice and early and desperate for her pressies so out they came….
a school bag for when she starts school next week!!  Dad was looking for the rest of the pressies but i had hidden them in the school bag!! lol!!

A ‘Spot’ book!! She has been totally obsessed by these lately! Every time we enter Kmart, we have to stop and read these books for at least 10mins so i knew it would be a winner!!

A new Wii game (is very hard to get the hang of tho, so will need to practice some more!)

And finally a ‘My Little Pony’ that she has known about for the past week cos we bought her little friend the same one, but i wouldn’t let her have hers!! lol!!

We had family dropping in ALL day, from lunch til well after bed time!  Lunch was fish and chips with Nan and Pa. Afternoon tea was party time with this cool ‘Shaun the Sheep’ made by Nanny with help from Jorja and Brodie to decorate it!! He was covered in huge marshmallows and licorice!!  Very clever!!

Followed by a few games on the Wii between Jorja and he ‘boyfriend’ Scott!!  They were boxing each other in this pic……

All this fun was followed by homemade pizzas for tea for anybody who was left and still hungry!!  Wow, just did a quick add up and we had almost 20 people drop in at some stage during the day!! Little miss is a little popular i think!! 
Anyway, she had a fantastic day, but was well and truly ready for bed when her head finally hit the pillow at 9.00 tonight!! 
Happy birthday my BIG baby girl!! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

36 Weeks!!

Wow, i have been super slack, lol, Have had very little mojo to scrap and have been sooo busy moving into our new home and getting settled in! Also with the impending birth of our 3rd and final bub, i haven’t really felt like doing anything!

Here is a pic of me at 36 weeks! Only 4 weeks left til D-Day!!  Ekkkk!!  Am i prepared for this?  To go back to the night feeds and little nappies and extra washing and, and, and….. lol!!  I’m sure once this little one is here and in my arms, i will forget about all the doubts and just take it in my stride.  Its just that it is coming sooo quickly now, and instead of living 5mins from the hospital, i now live 30mins, so i am going to have to be super organised!

Gotta love that view out my front windows!! I get to wake up to this EVERY day!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


LMAO, this is my 100th post and i am telling you all that i am going to be AWOL for a while!! I know i'm not a real frequent blogger, but this time i really do have a good excuse!! lol! Next week we will be moving! I am in the process of packing everything up, while at the same time, cleaning, painting and carpeting the house we are moving into! It has been a very busy past few weeks for me, and i can't wait til we are in there and don't HAVE to do anything, cos this pregnant mumma really does need to be able to relax and REST! Those two words have not been in my vocabulary for the past few months! :(  I'm 27 wks pregnant and still haven't found time to book myself into to hospital! Woops!! Better do that as high priority after we move!! lol! They like you to book in at 16wks here!! hehe!!  Anyway, my net will be disconnected next week and i'm not sure when i will be back online, but hopefully it won't be too long, and if it is, then hopefully i will get a chance to open the numerous boxes i have marked as 'SCRAPPING' and will be able to get some stuff done without the distraction of the net!! lol!!  So until i get back here again, happy scrapping and i hope it won't be too long before i can update my blog again with the many pictures i have been taking lately!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

CC Time again!!

Will you be joining us for the May Cyber Crop starting tonight??

You will find all the fun here!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lime Tree Creations Giveaway!!

I received some gorgeous goodies in the mail today from becci at Lime Tree Creations, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to win more!! lol!! Becci's little crochet goodies are so versatile and i find they fit every layout i scrap!!

Becci will be giving away this gorgeous pack of goodies, valued at $20, so if you would like to win them (even tho your not going to, lol, cos i am, hehe) you can check out all the details here!!

Charm's Creations!!

The very talented Charmane Koch, has been busy making her own handmade embellishments and to celebrate her first official sale next Friday (29th April), Charm is having a giveaway of her 'Lovely Lollipops'. Look at this gorgeous pack of 16 you could win...

Charm's handmade lollipops are all unique, with no pack ever being quite like another. Due to this reason, stocks are limited so you will have to get in quick on sale night to get what you want! You can check out the details of this 'Charm's Creations' giveaway and upcoming sale HERE!

Lovelybug Bits n Bobs...

Have you see the awesome giveaway at Lovelybug Bits n Bobs??  My gorgeous friend Sue will be giving one lucky person THEIR CHOICE of 3 button packs, plus two vintage rim buttons.  You can check out all her gorgeous designs here, and can place an order at an time!!

These are a couple of Sue's new designs...

Aren't they gorgeous??!!!  Make sure you check out the details for the giveaway and leave a comment on the post HERE to enter! You better be quick tho, as this is to be drawn tonight!! :)  GOOD LUCK!!!
You can also check out Sue's Lovelybug Bits n Bobs Facebook page too!! :)  If you are a follower there, and you win the giveaway, you will receive some extra goodies!! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Handmade By Suzanne!!

Do you wanna win one of 10 x $20 store vouchers (with free postage) from Handmade By Suzanne??  I know i sure want to, and its as simple as putting the Handmade By Suzanne Logo on your blog and then leaving a comment on their facebook page here to let them know you have done so!! :)

This is one competion i was not going to miss out on!!  There is soo much stuff in the HBS shop and everything is sooo cheap!! You have to check it out!! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Look what's on again tonight!! You have to check it out, so many awesome goodies to be nabbed!! Smile

Monday, April 11, 2011

April CC!!

Hope to see you all here tonight!!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Its been a while

since i have shared anything here, but i have been extremely busy!!  I will start by sharing the scrapping, or lack there of that i have managed in the last couple of months….

Wow, i just had a look back and i haven’t shared any scrapping since Dec 1st, so i will just whack everything up here in no particular order, so i can get them up! Smile This will be picture heavy, but then you will be up to date! Smile


Amazing – includes a hand crocheted trim from Lime Tree Creations!

Cars Cake


here fishy fishy

The above two have gorgeous handmade buttons from Lovelybug Bits and Bobs! 

hi ho hi ho

i love you

This one also features goodies from the above mentioned blog sites! Smile

Oscar the Grouch

Our Big Kindy Girl

As does this one!! lol!! Can you tell i love the stuff the wonderful Sue and Becci make?? hehe!!

spunky lo


Ok, so this is mostly up to date now! Smile