Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Fun!!

Jorja has been so bored since Kindy and Swimming ended for the year, so we have had to invent some fun!!

This is the car seat ‘car’! Fully equipped with steering wheel and seatbelts!! lol!!  They have hours of fun playing in Jorja’s car seat!! lol!!

carseat car

We have also been creating this cubby house in the lounge room, using the dining chairs and my doona!!  It works well and they play in it for quite a while before Brodie gets bored and pulls it down! lol!

cubby house

If you hang out this end you can still watch ABC Kids!! lol!

cubby house2

And it even comes with a doormat!! lol!

cubby house3

We have also spent today making Gingerbread men, women, cars, dogs and reindeers (thanks for that idea Charm! Smile)  Jorja kept stealing the mixture and ended up completely covered in flour after a flour fight with Matt’s cousin Cameron who was helping us out (he is a baker, lol!).

gingerbread man

gingerbread man2

The kids had a ball decorating the cookies, and eating all the lollies!

gingerbread man3

The end result is LOTS of cookies!!  They all look so sweet and sickening!! lol!!  I think these will be eaten in moderation!! Smile

gingerbread man4

That's all for now, i haven’t done any scrapping! Sad smile

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My little sis got married….

on Saturday 11th Dec!!  Instead of having bridesmaids and groomsmen, they decided to have all the nieces and nephews in the wedding, which included Jorja and Brodie, my older sisters kids, Travis and Chelsea, and a boy and girl from the grooms side.  All the kids wore matching outfits, supplied by Cathy and Anthony, and they all did an amazing job!!

How cute do Jorja and Brodie look while they were waiting for Cathy to arrive??

kids wedding1

jorja wedding1

Here’s my dad walking Cathy down the aisle (thru the park! lol!)  The rain wasn’t so nice for the day, so umbrellas were required for a big part of the ceremony!  How gorgeous is Cathy’s dress!! She bought it off eBay, then made some alterations to get it looking like this! She looked beautiful!!

wedding dad and cathy

The happy couple during the vowels!!  They both had thongs on their feet!! lol!!

cathy and anthony

I have more photos on my other computer, including some of my little family together, so if i think of it, i will load some of them here as well!! Smile

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The newest member to our household is..

this little guy!  He is a rescued, baby tawny frog mouthed owl!  We had a call last week asking if we could take him in, and with Matt being such a huge bird nerd, he didn’t even hesitate to say yes, so he is now our newest baby!  We have called him ‘Hoot’ (well Jorja called him Hoot after the ABC kids show, Giggle and Hoot! lol!)  and he is doing really well!  He is so soft and fluffy and is quite happy to sit on our hands and have a pat!  He was found in somebodies backyard in Naracoorte, where he must have fallen out of his nest.  We think he is about a month old now! Smile  The first photo was taken the day we got him, and the second was taken a few nights ago when i was feeding him!  Like all nocturnal animals, he is much more alert and lively at night, and eats a whole lot more then! Smile



My little man is 2!! :(

Wow, the last 2 years have sure flown by!! I can not believe my little man, Brodie John, is now 2!!  He turned 2 on Nov 26th 2010!  Here are some photos (or lots, lol) from his big day…
He got up to find balloons all thru the lounge room, which he was pretty excited about!
Ripping open the pressies!
Jorja couldn’t resist getting in on the act!
This boy is Cars and Thomas mad!!  This drill was definitely a favourite as well! Smile
A new Bike from Nanny B
A double barrel shotgun from Cam Cam!  This gun is so much fun that we ended up having to buy Jorja one too, to stop the fights!! Smile
The cake made by Nanny
We went out for tea at the Tantanoola Tiger Hotel with all our families, and because Bj hadn’t had a sleep during the day, he was so tired by the end of the night and ended up climbing into his pram and almost falling asleep before we could get everything packed up and loaded into the car!
And one of Jorja posing at the end of the night cos she looked too cute not to get a piccie!!  She was so tired too, that she didn’t want her pic taken, but i bribed her for this one, and i think i turned out ok!! Smile

Friday, December 3, 2010

Craft Market!!

I have been super busy over the past few days making some gorgeous goodies for the Top 50 Craft Market which is on this weekend!!

If you are crafty and make your own scrapping embellies, why not drop by the forum and grab yourself a stall??  If you aren’t crafty, drop by and grab yourself some bargains!! Smile  There are so many gorgeous things already listed, and you better get in quick or they will all sell out!! Smile

Here is a look at some of my goodies…

xmas pack 1

xmas pack 2

xmas pack 3

I hope you will all stop by and buy up big!! Smile

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec monthly ch..

We all know how busy December is for everybody, so i have made my Dec monthly ch at Top 50 very simple!

My challenge is for you all to create a layout, using this pagemaps sketch..

dec ch

You can scrap this any way you want, as long as the bones of the sketch are visible.

Here is my example:

cool shades

(This looks heaps better IRL, but it is very overcast here today! Sad smile)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov monthlies!!

I have nearly finished all the monthly chs at Top 50 too!!  I just have the ‘We dare you’ ch to finish off before the deadline at midnight tonight!!

Challenge 1, by Anthea, was to use stamping as the main feature to the layout, and also to include the word ‘love’!  This is what i came up with..I have used a handmade chippie button as well as some of Becci’s gorgeous crochet flowers! Smile

birthday sparkles

And a close up. I have stamped with white ink, then two shades of pink….

birthday sparkles2

Challenge 2 was Sue’s Inspiration ch! We had to create a layout inspired by this cool cake pic..


and it also needed layering, so this is what i did..


(This looks much brighter IRL)

Challenge 3 was mine, but i think i forgot to put it here earlier in the month! lol!  My ch was to scraplift this gorgeous layout by Marelize!


They also needed to include at least 3 elements from the above layout.  Here is my lift..

just 2 darn cute

Thanks for looking! Smile