Sunday, September 26, 2010

123 Sept ch

The 123 ch this month is to use the colour orange, word bloom, and use handmade flowers! :) Here is my entry:

I have actually completed some more layouts, but they are secret squirel for now, and i think i have given you enough to look at with the following couple of posts! :)

SBT50 Monthlies

I have also had time to complete some of the Top50 monthly challenges too!! Yippee!! :)  Considering what has been going on, i have managed quite a bit for the month, even with limited supplies as a lot of my stuff got packed! :)

So first up i have my example layout for my challenge this month (there is still time to give it a go too! :) ).  My challenge this month is a minimalitst/white space style layout, including 2 photos the same, stamping and buttons!!

This next one is for Sue's scraplift challenge.  We had to lift a layout by Treens, and include Kraft cardstock, smeared paint and a quote.  I flipped Treens layout and used it like a sketch.  I chose to keep the layout fairly simple cos the more i added, it just didn't look right, and i liked it plain! :)

This last one is for the dare challenge.  The criteria was to use a purple and green colour theme, black and white photo, leaves and dry embossing!  Love how this one came together! :)

A close up of the embossing!  I embossed foam thickers for the title! :)

Something Scrappy!!

I have been so busy preparing our house for sale, that i wasn't certain if i would manage to get all the Top50 Music and Lyrics cc chs done this month, but guess what, i uploaded them ALL today!! Woohoo!!  They are all quick, simple layouts, but i like them!! :)

This first card was for the cc opening night mini ch.  The challenge was to create a card or mini layout (smaller than 12x12) containing individual music notes. :)  Being a mini challenge, this actually had a shorter time frame to the rest of the challenges, and i did get it completed and loaded on time, i have just been slack loading it to here! :)

This one is for ch 1 which was set by our guest DT Treens.  The criteria was to use a monochromatic colour scheme, music paper, and pearls.  I have had this photo of Jorja listening to my MP3 player for ages, as well as the phone bling, but have never scrapped it cos it is a little blurring, having been taken on my mobile phone, but i am so glad i have finally had the kick up the butt i needed to use it all!! :)  Thanks Treens! :)

Challenge 2, set by Anthea, was all about those misheard song lyrics! :)  Well i went a little tongue in cheek for this one, lol!  When ever i hear the song 'Hey Mickey', i always sing it 'Hey Vicki', so i decided to use that for this challenge! :)  The other criteria was to use glitter or bling, stiching, and felt or fabric. 

Challenge 3, set by Sue, saw us using lyrics from the song "I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night" by KISS.  We also needed to include at least 2 photos, a ticket and at least one piece of altered chipboard.  This layout came together really fast for me, and i love the fun, randomness of it! :)

And finally a better photo of my example layout for ch 4! :)  Criteria details are in a previous post!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exciting News and a CRAZY weekend!! :)

Ok.. i know.. i am a VERY bad blogger, but i am going to attempt to get it back up to date today cos my house is looking very neat and tidy and i don't have a whole lot to do today! :)  There is lots to update, so i may back date a few posts.  Be sure to read back thru a few posts to check that you haven't missed anything! :)

Now.. to my exciting news...last thursday we bought a new home!!  We saw it in the paper the previous friday, looked thru it a few times during the week, then put in an offer thursday morning.  The vendor accepted our offer thursday night!!  Woohoo how exciting!! Although it hasn't really sunk in yet cos the weekend was so CRAZY!!

So, the new house is 10km's from town and is on 2 acres of land, which will be perfect for the kiddies and for Matt to have his birds!!  Its a 4 bedroom house, with a huge kitchen, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms, an office etc!!  It is LARGE!! :)  Its not a new house by any means, but it is perfectly located and we can move straight in and not have to do anything to it!!  The only thing now is, that we need to sell our house in town to finance the new place!! :)  Which is why the weekend was so crazy!!  I came down with a disgusting sinus infection thingy on friday, but despite that i had to spend the entire weekend packing my life into boxes and transporting it all to Treena's huge shed (thanks again Treens!! :) )!  We were told we needed to de-clutter our house and remove all personal things like photos, so my house is now looking VERY bare!! :(  It also echos now that we don't have so much stuff here! :(  Our house went on the market Monday and will be in the paper on Friday, so fingers crossed it sells quickly for us!! :)  On a happier note, tho, the vendor of the new house isn't in any hurry to leave his house cos he has LOTS of stuff to clean up around the yard, so he isn't concerned about how long it takes us to sell, he is just happy to have his place under contract!! :)

So after such a BIG weekend and feeling crap the entire time, i am taking a day off today, and just veging and do what ever i like!!  I do still need to wash windows and any marks on the walls, but i am taking a break today and will get back into it tomorrow!! :)

I did do a little scrapping last night, but it is secret squirral stuff and i haven't finished it yet, so you will have to wait to see it!! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world...

Don't you just hate that song!! lol!!  Well i was taking photos of Jorja's birthday presents after her birthday in July, and as soon as i saw this one, that stupid song got stuck in my head...

I knew this would be perfect for the Top50 cc theme of Music and Lyrics, so i used it for my challenge.

I have challenged everybody to use the lyrics from an annoying song, as well as to include bright colours, layering with foam tape, and beads!

Here's what i did with it! :) 
(This is a crappy night time photo, but i haven't had time,
or good weather for that matter, to get a decent photo! :( )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SBT50 Sept CC

You gotta check this out....