Sunday, December 6, 2009

OOPS!!! :)

LOL, it has once again bee a month since i have posted here, but what a month it has been!! The opportunity came my way to buy the Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia Forum, and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so i have been spending the last month learning the nuts and bolts of the forum/advertising/topsites and everything else that belongs to the site!! I never realised just how much was involved, but oh well, i will get my head around it all soon!! :) I officially took over on the 1st Dec, so that was pretty exciting!! Look out for some changes in the next few months cos i plan on making the site ROCK!!! LOL!! Tell all your friends, and bring them along to party!! :) LOL!!

In other news, i also scrapped heaps in November as well, but i will put all of those up here another day if i don't get too busy with the site!! We also have a blog at Top 50 which you can check out here, which i am also in charge of updating!! EEKKK, i can't keep my own up to date!! LOL!! I may have to delegate!! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scrapbooking Top 50 November Cyber Crop!!

Click on the picture to find out more!! :)
Spread the word, copy this to your blog, then click here
to go in the draw to win an awesome prize!! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Scrapbooking Top 50 Tresure Hunt

Join us from Friday November 13th for 25 days of pure Christmas magic. Browse the net in search of answers, with a bounty of $500 up for grabs you would be mad not to!
Below is a list of Sponsors (in random order) who kindly donated Product Packs and Store Vouchers to our Treasure Hunt...
Be sure to check it out!! You could come away very happy!! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Forgive me blogger, for i have sinned....

I have not blogged for over a month!! Its not that i haven't done anything in the past month, i just keep forgetting to put it all up here!! :) Being on the DT at Top 50 means i am spending a lot of time planning cc's and monthly challenges, as well as scrapping them all!!

Now, to get you all up to date, i am going to upload all my scrapping from the end of August and all of sept, then i will endeaver to update this at least weekly!! I can't promise, but i will try!! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A couple of layouts just for fun!! :)
A layout that i did with a kit from the lovely Kathie!!

Ok, here are all my Top 50 layouts for August!! :0 There were a lot more than i thought!!! LOL!! You have seen soe of these, but it is easier to put them all in here together!! :)

Monthly Challenge 4:
Monthly Challenge 3:
Monthly Challenge 1:
Scrapbooking Top 50 CC layouts!! :)
Challenge 1:

Challenge 1 Bonus Card:
Challenge 2:
Challenge 2 Bonus Card:
Challenge 3:
Challenge 3 Bonus Card:
Challenge 4:
Ch 4 Bonus Card:
Challenge 5:

Challenge 5 Bonus Card:

Challenge 6:
Challenge 6 Bonus Card:
Bingo Challenge:
Bingo Bonus Card:
Class by Charmane Koch:
Card using scraps from Charm's class:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New DT needed at Bons!!

"Bon's Scraps DT Comp will commence on Monday 24th August! If you are interested in applying make sure your name is in the DT registration thread here: First and foremost forum interaction is a big part of being on the DT... Whilst the competiton is running please try to interact on the forum the amount that you would usually... There will be 2 spots up for grabs each with a 2 month trial leading to a 12 month contract. The comp will run for 4 rounds. If you make the design team you will recieve an exclusive monthly kit and also a store discount, in exchange you will create an average of 3 set pages a month. Full Design Team expectations will be posted shortly."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Exciting News!!!

I have been picked to be one of the 3 Scrapbooking Top50 Design Team Members!!! I'm so excited!! I am taking on this position along side Sue and Susan. Two very talented scrappers!!
I am super stoked to be accepted for this 3 month position starting Sept 1, as i got a taste of it this month with the August cc, and i loved orgainsing it all!! I ca't wait to get my kit of goodies and see what i can create to hopefully inspire the other lovely ladies on the forum!! :)

Scrapbooking Top50 August CC

I am taking part in the Top50 August Zany Zodiac CC at the moment. It runs fro Fri 7th to Friday 14th August, but entries don't need to be uploaded til August 28th, so there is still plenty of time to join the fun. You ca find all the details here. I kind of highjacked the organising of this CC with another of the forum mods, Sue, and it has been great seeing everybody enjoying the challenges.

So far i have completed 2 of the challenges.

Challenge 1: 'Shining Bright' - For this layout, we had to use a sketch and all things glittery and shiny. These are pictures from Jorja's 3rd b'day last month showing her Lisa Simpson cake that Nanny Burdon made for her. Whenever we asked what she wanted for her b'day all she would say was a Lisa Simpson Cake!! lol she is too funny!! :)
Challenge 2: 'Star Crossed' - this one had to be embellished with stars!! I think i managed that!! lol!!
A new twist to the challenges this month was that if you made a card with the scraps from each challenge, you got a bonus point, so here is my card for challenge 2. I am yet to make my challenge 1 card!! :)

Tonight i hope to get to challenge 3, but i will see how i go. :)

Now to August!!

Now to get up to date with August, i have so far completed 2 of the August monthly challenges at Scrapbooking Top 50. You can check the challenges out here.

I have finished challenge 3 which was a scraplift of a layout by the very talented Charm Koch. Mine doesn't look half as good as Charm,s but i have used dome of the elements that she did.
I have also completed challenge 4 which was a technique challenge. The technique was sewing, and i had to use two types of sewing, machie, hand or faux!! I love how this turned out and it has been pointed out to me that the spelling is wrong, but oh well, it will give the kids something to laugh at when they are older!! :)

More July Top 50 stuff!!

I took part in a xmas card front swap and here are the four catd fronts that i made. I love my cuttlebug!! :) Everybodies cards looked great and now i have a nice little stash started for xmas!! :)

These are some cards i made from a Top 50 class with Renee Dowling. I love how they look and they were so easy. Thanks Renee!! :)

Top 50 Xmas in July Cyber Crop

I am really really bad at updating my blog, so i am going to show all of my layouts and cards that i made for the Xmas in July cc here together, then i can try and get up to date with the August layouts!! :) Sorry!!
Challenge 1: Blind scrapped xmas card. (Sorry if i have already shown this!)
Challenge 2: We had criterias. I had to use a mask at least twice, use something see-thru, and have a layering effect with ribbon and flowers. I think thats all!! :)

Challenge 3: Had to use the word 'Giving'
Challenge 4: Was a scraplift of a layout by Ngaire Bartlam. I used the July kit for this one.

Challenge 5: Was to use a funny photo
Challenge 6: Was all about the edges.
Challenge 7: Was to make an OTP card box in xmas colours. I made ine look like a mail box (if you can't tell!!) :)
We the had a mystery challenge, where we had to use a photo that we had uploaded in a photo challenge.
And finally i took part in the Christmas Celebration Challenge. My criteria was to use 'Happiness Is' in my title, use 2009, have hand made flowers (cut with the cuttlebug) and swirl, and i think the last criteria was to have two pics!!
That was a whole lot of scrapping for July, but that wasn't all i did!! :) I will start a new post with the rest!! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Christmas in July and Blog Hopping

The Christmas in July cyber crop started at Scrapbooking Top 50 on Friday with a Party!! We had a game of Bingo (which i won!! Yippee), a mystery card challenge, a Quiz and a scavenger hunt (which is still on going)!!

The mystery challenge was organised by me, and the criteria i gave was to use, red and white scraps, ribbon and stamps. Here is my example:

There will also be a blog hop starting tomorrow and with all our very generous sponsors, it is bound to be lots of fun. We need to follow the clues thru all the blogs until we end up with a paragragh that actually makes sense. From my blog we need to hop over to our resident angels blog for the next clue!! :) Happy hunting!!

Now, onto the challenges, we already have 5 of the 7 challenges posted, and i have made a start on them. Challenge 1 was a blind card scrap. I was a bit naughty, and didn't obey the instructions fully, but i am really happy with what i have done. Here it is:

I am currently working on challenge 4, which is a scraplift. I am really happy with how it is coming together, and will post a pic as soon as i am finished.

I have also completed a pre-crop christmas celebration challenge, where we had our own criterias. I will post that pic as soon as i take it too!! :)

I also have a couple of other little projects i have been doing too, but they also need pics taken, so once again i will post them after i take the pics!! :)

Have a good day and be sure to check out the Christmas in July cc!! xx

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I have been busy ...

Scrapping for others!!

I help a friend make some invites for her 2 dd's birthdays which are coming up very soon. We used my cuttlebug for both and they both looked fantastic. My friend took one lot home to finish off, and i made these ones for her eldest DD. I made them tuesday and her party is today and birthday tomorrow, so a bit late notice, but it doesn't matter. We had no idea what to do with these ones, we just knew they had to be red as that is her favourite colour (DD's), so i started playing and this is what i ended up with.

I also had a friend have a little bub on Wednesday, so i pulled out a OTP album i had sitting around, and thru this together so i could go visit her!! I didn't have much time, and the album wasn't much bigger than 4x6, so i decorated the front, and then just covered the other pages in patterened paper and doodled a border around the edges. When i gave it to my friend, she was so happy and commented that she hoped i had made something for her!! So that made my day!! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

June Cyber Crop at SBT50

The June Cyber Crop at Scrapbooking Top 50 was all about Crowns and Tiaras and was sponsored by Tracy at My 2 Angels.

Challenge 1 had to use the colours purple, lime or red, or any combination of the 3, as well as include at least 1 of 4 crown charms, kindly donated by Tracy.

Challenge 2 was to make a birthday card for our little prince or princess using the same colours as challenge 1 as well as using a crown charm.

Challenge 3 was all about grunge. I've never done grunge before, so i was happy with how this turned out!! :)
Challenge 4. Before the crop we were given a list of questions to answer about our activities in May, then we had use these answers in this challenge.

Challenge 5 was to make an Off the Page project for our prince or princess. I decorated a wooden Kaiser box.

We then had a 6th challenge, the monday night cook off, where we previously had to pick from a list of cooking ingredients, and then we were given what techniques the ingredients corresponded with. I had to have a 2 word title starting with my initials, use the colours orange and brown, have circle (min 2, max 6) and have pp with torn edges.
I think this layout is just too funy, as with the pic in challenge 1, and i actually won the prize for this one!! :)