Monday, July 13, 2009

Christmas in July and Blog Hopping

The Christmas in July cyber crop started at Scrapbooking Top 50 on Friday with a Party!! We had a game of Bingo (which i won!! Yippee), a mystery card challenge, a Quiz and a scavenger hunt (which is still on going)!!

The mystery challenge was organised by me, and the criteria i gave was to use, red and white scraps, ribbon and stamps. Here is my example:

There will also be a blog hop starting tomorrow and with all our very generous sponsors, it is bound to be lots of fun. We need to follow the clues thru all the blogs until we end up with a paragragh that actually makes sense. From my blog we need to hop over to our resident angels blog for the next clue!! :) Happy hunting!!

Now, onto the challenges, we already have 5 of the 7 challenges posted, and i have made a start on them. Challenge 1 was a blind card scrap. I was a bit naughty, and didn't obey the instructions fully, but i am really happy with what i have done. Here it is:

I am currently working on challenge 4, which is a scraplift. I am really happy with how it is coming together, and will post a pic as soon as i am finished.

I have also completed a pre-crop christmas celebration challenge, where we had our own criterias. I will post that pic as soon as i take it too!! :)

I also have a couple of other little projects i have been doing too, but they also need pics taken, so once again i will post them after i take the pics!! :)

Have a good day and be sure to check out the Christmas in July cc!! xx


  1. Love your blind card, it is very elegant.

  2. Great use of the edge punch :)

  3. Think I found it!! Thanks love...

  4. Well done Vicki, love looking at your work.

  5. Love the edging on this card :).

  6. Love your work girl!! hahahahahahaha

  7. Great cards Vicki,
    thanks for your inspiration.


  8. Love the cards and thanks for the clue.

  9. Hey fellow DT Member! I've left something for you on my blog!


Thanks for your lovely comments! :)