Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Forgive me blogger, for i have sinned....

I have not blogged for over a month!! Its not that i haven't done anything in the past month, i just keep forgetting to put it all up here!! :) Being on the DT at Top 50 means i am spending a lot of time planning cc's and monthly challenges, as well as scrapping them all!!

Now, to get you all up to date, i am going to upload all my scrapping from the end of August and all of sept, then i will endeaver to update this at least weekly!! I can't promise, but i will try!! :)


  1. Well I can give you a weekly whipping to make sure you do if you like...LOL

  2. Well its about time!!! You have put it in writing so now you gotta do it LOL will be back in a few days to see ALL your work
    Tracy ;)

  3. stupid blogger never told me you had already done it!!!! Or was it just me being blonde? Don't answer that! Off to check them all out

  4. HI,
    myname is Beke, and I've just come across your page. You have some greal LO under your belt, and look farward to seeing more,
    I'm new to blogspot, but please have a little look at mine if your keen!
    Have a good one, I'll be back for sure! :)

  5. he he he what a hoot!! Vicki you are one funny lady....Have a great week sweetie


Thanks for your lovely comments! :)