Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Baby Girl is 5!!! OMG!!

Yep, that's right, our baby girl turned 5 today!!  How old…
She was up nice and early and desperate for her pressies so out they came….
a school bag for when she starts school next week!!  Dad was looking for the rest of the pressies but i had hidden them in the school bag!! lol!!

A ‘Spot’ book!! She has been totally obsessed by these lately! Every time we enter Kmart, we have to stop and read these books for at least 10mins so i knew it would be a winner!!

A new Wii game (is very hard to get the hang of tho, so will need to practice some more!)

And finally a ‘My Little Pony’ that she has known about for the past week cos we bought her little friend the same one, but i wouldn’t let her have hers!! lol!!

We had family dropping in ALL day, from lunch til well after bed time!  Lunch was fish and chips with Nan and Pa. Afternoon tea was party time with this cool ‘Shaun the Sheep’ made by Nanny with help from Jorja and Brodie to decorate it!! He was covered in huge marshmallows and licorice!!  Very clever!!

Followed by a few games on the Wii between Jorja and he ‘boyfriend’ Scott!!  They were boxing each other in this pic……

All this fun was followed by homemade pizzas for tea for anybody who was left and still hungry!!  Wow, just did a quick add up and we had almost 20 people drop in at some stage during the day!! Little miss is a little popular i think!! 
Anyway, she had a fantastic day, but was well and truly ready for bed when her head finally hit the pillow at 9.00 tonight!! 
Happy birthday my BIG baby girl!! 


  1. Great photos Vicki! Looks like Jorja had a great day! Love the Shaun cake. Looks delicious and a very clever way to make shaun out of the marshmallows and licorice! xo

  2. Sounds like she had a fabulous day!! The cake is AWESOME! I'm quite fond of spot books too - good taste Jorja :)

    PS. She looks like she's better at the Wii than I am...

  3. It sounds like Jorja had an awesome day Vicki! The cake looks wonderful and I'm sure she felt very important (as she should) with all the visitors popping in! xox

  4. Don't know how I missed this post. Look like J had a great day. Hope she had a great day. xoxo


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