Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An update…

Things have been totally crazy crazy busy here lately as you would imagine with a new bub and the oldest starting school!! I can't believe Emma is almost 7wks already!! She really isn't a baby anymore! Sad She is super cute tho, and although she is more of a night owl than me, and now keeps me up til 2 or 3 in the morning, i still love her to bits and couldn't imagine our family without her!! She has started smiling at everybody as soon as you talk to her, and she even giggled at me last night. She is also cooing and trying to talk back!! Soooo cute!! Smile Here is a picture i managed to snap the other day of her....

Brodie will be 3 next month!! I can't believe it!! He is soo grown up, and has the best manners i have ever heard on a little boy! He gets complimented on them all the time from strangers! He is also coming out with some really funny phrases that i want to scrap so we don't forget them!! He is also doing really well with toilet training! We have been a bit lax with it while i was preggas but now we are into some type of routine, i have had him in jocks every day with no accidents!! I still do nappies at night tho, cos he still wakes up wet. I had to shave Brodie's head last week, as Pa has lost all his hair due to chemo and Bj wanted his cut like Pa's!! I couldn't believe i was doing it, and didn't want to, but he wanted it for the right reasons, so i went along with it, and i think he looks good....

Jorja has spent her first term at school. She is doing really well and has heaps of friends - well you would when the school only has 44 kids!! lol!! Even the upper primary kids play with her!! lol!! She is learning heaps at school and i can't believe how well she is reading already! I don't know much about the reading program, but she has gone up a level already! Smile She also lost her first tooth yesterday!! It has been loose for weeks, with another pushing up from underneath, and yesty it finally fell out, so the tooth fairy had to find her at Nanny's house last night!! lol!! Jorja is a very helpful little mummy too!! lol!!

On a crafty note, i have been making some new goodies for the next CM, as i am able to sit and do them while feeding and cuddling Emma, but haven't done much scrapping at all! Sad I have only scrapped my example layouts, and although i have started a few other layouts, i really haven't finished many!! I have had no mojo to scrap, but my mojo has been creeping back in this week, so hopefully i get some time to use it! My mojo returned when Bj was 6wks old too, so hopefully it will stay now. I have been dreaming about layouts, and am itching to get back into it, but i have something stopping me..... yep, a shame pic!! I have started cleaning this up, and i can actually get into all the shelves now, but hopefully i will get it finished this week and can get stuck into the cc challenges properly!! I have been scrapping on the lounge room floor cos i couldn't get to the desk!! lol!!


  1. Your kids are gorgeous Vicki and it seems like you have all settled in well with your new addition!! Love the pics and had to giggle at your scrap desk... too funny!
    Take care. xx

  2. So happy for you Vicki on the arrival of Emma. The pictures of your kids are just lovely. Hey don't worry about your scrap area I think we are all like that. I can get to my desk but the rest of the space could do with a big clean. Take Care xx

  3. Amazing Vicki!! I'm impressed at how well your keeping up!! Your kids are so gorgeous and I can't believe how much Bj looks like Matt....he shall now be called "Mini Matt" forever!! Hahahahaa just kidding....
    Hey you wannna see my scrap mess??? No you really don't!!! ;) trust me its dreadful!! Back into it....chat soon beautiful
    Love Kathie

  4. Thought I better stop by and see what was new here...I can't believe you posted the "shame" pic here! LOL Need some new pics of Emma up here too please!!! (And you need to start scrapping them!) Luv ya! XXX


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