Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something Scrappy!!

I have been so busy preparing our house for sale, that i wasn't certain if i would manage to get all the Top50 Music and Lyrics cc chs done this month, but guess what, i uploaded them ALL today!! Woohoo!!  They are all quick, simple layouts, but i like them!! :)

This first card was for the cc opening night mini ch.  The challenge was to create a card or mini layout (smaller than 12x12) containing individual music notes. :)  Being a mini challenge, this actually had a shorter time frame to the rest of the challenges, and i did get it completed and loaded on time, i have just been slack loading it to here! :)

This one is for ch 1 which was set by our guest DT Treens.  The criteria was to use a monochromatic colour scheme, music paper, and pearls.  I have had this photo of Jorja listening to my MP3 player for ages, as well as the phone bling, but have never scrapped it cos it is a little blurring, having been taken on my mobile phone, but i am so glad i have finally had the kick up the butt i needed to use it all!! :)  Thanks Treens! :)

Challenge 2, set by Anthea, was all about those misheard song lyrics! :)  Well i went a little tongue in cheek for this one, lol!  When ever i hear the song 'Hey Mickey', i always sing it 'Hey Vicki', so i decided to use that for this challenge! :)  The other criteria was to use glitter or bling, stiching, and felt or fabric. 

Challenge 3, set by Sue, saw us using lyrics from the song "I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night" by KISS.  We also needed to include at least 2 photos, a ticket and at least one piece of altered chipboard.  This layout came together really fast for me, and i love the fun, randomness of it! :)

And finally a better photo of my example layout for ch 4! :)  Criteria details are in a previous post!

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  1. Love Love LOVE your work Vicki!!! Especially the Hey Vicki one (was that a new photo for the LO or an older one?? It's PERFECT!!!)


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