Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exciting News and a CRAZY weekend!! :)

Ok.. i know.. i am a VERY bad blogger, but i am going to attempt to get it back up to date today cos my house is looking very neat and tidy and i don't have a whole lot to do today! :)  There is lots to update, so i may back date a few posts.  Be sure to read back thru a few posts to check that you haven't missed anything! :)

Now.. to my exciting news...last thursday we bought a new home!!  We saw it in the paper the previous friday, looked thru it a few times during the week, then put in an offer thursday morning.  The vendor accepted our offer thursday night!!  Woohoo how exciting!! Although it hasn't really sunk in yet cos the weekend was so CRAZY!!

So, the new house is 10km's from town and is on 2 acres of land, which will be perfect for the kiddies and for Matt to have his birds!!  Its a 4 bedroom house, with a huge kitchen, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms, an office etc!!  It is LARGE!! :)  Its not a new house by any means, but it is perfectly located and we can move straight in and not have to do anything to it!!  The only thing now is, that we need to sell our house in town to finance the new place!! :)  Which is why the weekend was so crazy!!  I came down with a disgusting sinus infection thingy on friday, but despite that i had to spend the entire weekend packing my life into boxes and transporting it all to Treena's huge shed (thanks again Treens!! :) )!  We were told we needed to de-clutter our house and remove all personal things like photos, so my house is now looking VERY bare!! :(  It also echos now that we don't have so much stuff here! :(  Our house went on the market Monday and will be in the paper on Friday, so fingers crossed it sells quickly for us!! :)  On a happier note, tho, the vendor of the new house isn't in any hurry to leave his house cos he has LOTS of stuff to clean up around the yard, so he isn't concerned about how long it takes us to sell, he is just happy to have his place under contract!! :)

So after such a BIG weekend and feeling crap the entire time, i am taking a day off today, and just veging and do what ever i like!!  I do still need to wash windows and any marks on the walls, but i am taking a break today and will get back into it tomorrow!! :)

I did do a little scrapping last night, but it is secret squirral stuff and i haven't finished it yet, so you will have to wait to see it!! :)

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  1. Woot!! I hope you sell quickly - because I know you're busting to get into the new house!!! :) It'll be good not to have the worry about possible buyers coming through our house at any minute too!!! Not envying you there - but the new house I am hahaha ;)


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