Friday, June 18, 2010

CC Underway!

The Top 50 June CC is well and truly underway.  All the challenges have now been announced.  My challenge this month is challenge 3.  My criteria is to create a layout, incorporating the following quote:

"Indulge your imagination in every possible flight" - Jane Austen

As well as including two or more photos, with at least one of the photos cut out, and a 4 word title!

Here is my example:
Nearly all materials for this layout have been supplied by Tracy at My2Angels!

I have also completed the opening night mini challenge, but haven't been able
to get a decent photo of it yet has the weather has been so horrible here!! :(

I have been doing quite a bit of scrapping lately, but most of it has been secret squirrel stuff,
or the weather has been too bad to get any decent photos of them! :(


  1. Brilliant layout Vicki...can't wait to see your secret squirrel stuff soon ;)

  2. I love the quote for this challenge, but think the photo part of your criteria has been the thing I have found most challenging about this crop...I HAVE found some though and am about to go and finish it! You made it look too easy here, love it! XXX

  3. This is sooo cute your flying poppets!!

  4. love the use of the Imaginise papers and cute cut outs of the kids :)


Thanks for your lovely comments! :)