Thursday, July 1, 2010

My little man..

Is growing up way too fast!! :(  He is 18mths already and is into absolutely everything!! Yesterday i let the kids clean the back glass door for me, so now twice today i have found him out there with the windex cleaning the door with his hand!! lol!! He looks so cute and thinks he is doing such a great job!! :)  Unfortunately i didn't get a photo, but i am sure there will be other opportunities!!

He is also loving music!  When ever he hears it he starts bopping away, he has all the moves, right down to the good old breakdancing!! lmao!!  Don't know where he gets his moves from daddy, but he looks sooo cute!!  Tonight he wanted me to dance with him, and we managed to get this super cute pic as i was spinning him around:

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  1. This is fantastic photo of the both of you Vicki!!

    Great little story, I'm sure you'll get more photo ops of him helping you out!


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