Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a busy week..

Our week has been so busy this week!!  Jorja turned 4 and started Kindy!! :-(  My baby girl is growing up so fast!! :-(  We had a family lunch for her on Sunday, then her friends came around for a play in the arvo!

Nanny made her this cool 'Shrek Swamp' cake, which she loved, and which tasted so yummy!! :-) Unfortunately we didn't get any really good pics of the cake! :-(

Monday July 19 2010 my baby girl turns 4!!

We gave her this cool 'Happy Birthday' Barbie and car, and Aunty Jayne gave her the 'Hottie' Ken doll.

Tuesday morning 20th July, the school holidays were finished, which meant swimming lessons began again.  Brodie swims at 10am (i have to go in with him), then Jorja swims at 10.30am!  This is the normal routine, but this term, she is also at Kindy four afternoons a week, but this week they started on Tuesday, so we had to rush from swimming, grab some lunch, then get to kindy for her first day at 'Big Girls' Kindy!!

She absolutely loves it at Kindy and is telling me at 9am each morning that i need to hurry up and get ready so she can go to Kindy!! lol!! :-)  Bj isn't so keen on her going to kindy though, and gets a little upset dropping her off, but loves it at pick up time!! :-)

So.. Happy Birthday my BIG baby girl!! We love you!! :-)

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