Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My little man is 2!! :(

Wow, the last 2 years have sure flown by!! I can not believe my little man, Brodie John, is now 2!!  He turned 2 on Nov 26th 2010!  Here are some photos (or lots, lol) from his big day…
He got up to find balloons all thru the lounge room, which he was pretty excited about!
Ripping open the pressies!
Jorja couldn’t resist getting in on the act!
This boy is Cars and Thomas mad!!  This drill was definitely a favourite as well! Smile
A new Bike from Nanny B
A double barrel shotgun from Cam Cam!  This gun is so much fun that we ended up having to buy Jorja one too, to stop the fights!! Smile
The cake made by Nanny
We went out for tea at the Tantanoola Tiger Hotel with all our families, and because Bj hadn’t had a sleep during the day, he was so tired by the end of the night and ended up climbing into his pram and almost falling asleep before we could get everything packed up and loaded into the car!
And one of Jorja posing at the end of the night cos she looked too cute not to get a piccie!!  She was so tired too, that she didn’t want her pic taken, but i bribed her for this one, and i think i turned out ok!! Smile


  1. What a great idea to fill the lounge with balloons. I might have to steal that Idea for Rani's birthday :) The cake looks great and so does the pic of Jorja. Looks like they both had a great day. xx

  2. Hey,
    I know what you mean about your little guy turning too. Henry turned 2 on the 12 of dec, and i cant not believe how quick it goes. And how much to they grow and develop in that time too. How much they go through froma a new born to a walking, trying to talk in sentences toddler! You have some really loving LO of course too. Thanks for added my new one too!


Thanks for your lovely comments! :)