Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The newest member to our household is..

this little guy!  He is a rescued, baby tawny frog mouthed owl!  We had a call last week asking if we could take him in, and with Matt being such a huge bird nerd, he didn’t even hesitate to say yes, so he is now our newest baby!  We have called him ‘Hoot’ (well Jorja called him Hoot after the ABC kids show, Giggle and Hoot! lol!)  and he is doing really well!  He is so soft and fluffy and is quite happy to sit on our hands and have a pat!  He was found in somebodies backyard in Naracoorte, where he must have fallen out of his nest.  We think he is about a month old now! Smile  The first photo was taken the day we got him, and the second was taken a few nights ago when i was feeding him!  Like all nocturnal animals, he is much more alert and lively at night, and eats a whole lot more then! Smile



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