Saturday, December 18, 2010

My little sis got married….

on Saturday 11th Dec!!  Instead of having bridesmaids and groomsmen, they decided to have all the nieces and nephews in the wedding, which included Jorja and Brodie, my older sisters kids, Travis and Chelsea, and a boy and girl from the grooms side.  All the kids wore matching outfits, supplied by Cathy and Anthony, and they all did an amazing job!!

How cute do Jorja and Brodie look while they were waiting for Cathy to arrive??

kids wedding1

jorja wedding1

Here’s my dad walking Cathy down the aisle (thru the park! lol!)  The rain wasn’t so nice for the day, so umbrellas were required for a big part of the ceremony!  How gorgeous is Cathy’s dress!! She bought it off eBay, then made some alterations to get it looking like this! She looked beautiful!!

wedding dad and cathy

The happy couple during the vowels!!  They both had thongs on their feet!! lol!!

cathy and anthony

I have more photos on my other computer, including some of my little family together, so if i think of it, i will load some of them here as well!! Smile

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