Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Fun!!

Jorja has been so bored since Kindy and Swimming ended for the year, so we have had to invent some fun!!

This is the car seat ‘car’! Fully equipped with steering wheel and seatbelts!! lol!!  They have hours of fun playing in Jorja’s car seat!! lol!!

carseat car

We have also been creating this cubby house in the lounge room, using the dining chairs and my doona!!  It works well and they play in it for quite a while before Brodie gets bored and pulls it down! lol!

cubby house

If you hang out this end you can still watch ABC Kids!! lol!

cubby house2

And it even comes with a doormat!! lol!

cubby house3

We have also spent today making Gingerbread men, women, cars, dogs and reindeers (thanks for that idea Charm! Smile)  Jorja kept stealing the mixture and ended up completely covered in flour after a flour fight with Matt’s cousin Cameron who was helping us out (he is a baker, lol!).

gingerbread man

gingerbread man2

The kids had a ball decorating the cookies, and eating all the lollies!

gingerbread man3

The end result is LOTS of cookies!!  They all look so sweet and sickening!! lol!!  I think these will be eaten in moderation!! Smile

gingerbread man4

That's all for now, i haven’t done any scrapping! Sad smile


  1. LOL Love the cookies Vicki, they're on our agenda - sometime soon LOL Sounds like the kids are having a ball!!!

  2. YUMMO! Looks like you've been busy, even if it isn't scrapping, at least its still creative! :-) I HAVE scrapped and am now just trying to catch up on some blogs, hence why I am here! Luv u! XXX

  3. Looks like you guys are having a wow of a time. Love your gingerbread stuff....mine were no way near as exciting. Hope you have a great rest of the holiday.

  4. They look so yummy, hope your Xmas and new year was good, happy 2011!


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